6. tabor Karajžewc

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  1. Danijela in Luj
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 21:45:22

    Dobre fotografije so samo še pika na i odličnega tabora. Pohvala CMAK-ovcem za organizacijo in izvedbo. Vesela sva, da sva bila del tega dogodka.


  2. louise poullet
    Apr 17, 2014 @ 10:09:20

    Woow! I post in english because my slovenian was already so poor, and not practicing during almost 1 year… I forgot a lot ! Shame on me ^^
    So… Here it is a good news, but new which need to get confirmed with the bunch of people from my internship and thesis redaction. But thanks to Ajda I found that it was really easy to find cars going between clermont ferrand or nearby (massif central, france) to Slovenia (or nearby in order to hitchhike after)
    The only problem is more about time, that, before 7th of june I dont have so much…
    So this karajzewc tabor (is it the 6th ot 7th edition?) shall be my fresh air bowl before closing my master year, and this would be awesome guyyss!!

    This is as well a call so to ask people around you, in case they want to drive more or less this way leaving on the 29 or 30 and coming back the 1st or 2nd of june!! 😉

    Nothing sure but so much willing to be with you this year too!
    My thought were never far from cerkno, you can be sure of that!!!

    Hips of hugs to everyone who read this mail, and Ive met me on the way! Or even if you haven’t met me and you read this post and wants a huug! 😉

    I really hope that I can manage to do it. But life shows me that if you really truly wish something, it will happen! heart and love power my friends!

    Have a great day and spring time wherever you are! And order sunny and hot (or a tiny fresh) weather for last weekend of may in cerknooo!!


    • tabor Karajžewc
      Apr 21, 2014 @ 15:11:55

      Hey Louise!

      Maybe gods will be on our side this year and will present us with sunny days during Karajžewc. If not, it’ll be ok nevertheless – as it was 11 moons ago. 🙂 All we need is company of friends from all sides of the sky, and together we can make a magical atmosphere for that period. 🙂

      If you’ll be able to come, nothing would please us more, Louise, you know that. Just let us know beforehand when you’ll arrive, so we know when to expect you (and maybe pick you up somewhere, if you’ll be hitchiking). Unless you want to surprise us, of course. 😉

      Hugs and kisses,



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